DIY Decor Advent Calendar for Holidays


Not only a kawaii bed can make your children happy in winter. Create an advent calendar to help your them count down the days to Christmas and feel the festive atmosphere. We folded round paper doilies into triangles and placed messages, jokes and sweets in each one before sticking them to Blackboard.

Timeless appeal

Christmas trees needn’t cost a fortune or follow the set standard… Create a whimsical tree with ease: all you need is a wireframe and an old lace tablecloth. Simply drape the cloth around the frame and add a satin ribbon to keep it in place and to hang baubles from.

Perfect trees

If you won’t be home long enough to appreciate a live Christmas tree, no problem! Try this alternative, using an assortment of decorative tins. Top it off with a star cookie cutter, and you’re ready to celebrate the silly season. Even better, pack your gifts in the tins – and when it’s time to hand out presents, you’re also ‘packing away’ your tree. No mess, no fuss! Just how we like it…

I know where you live…

Forget about name tags this year: rather photocopy your guests’ addresses from a street guide and use this to wrap their gifts. Mark each address with a bright sticker. The addresses should then be read out instead of names, leading to great fun around the Christmas tree. Another idea is to use pages from a telephone directory and mark the names of the recipients with a neon highlighter.

Bring to light

Give a dead branch from the garden new life by using it as a Christmas tree. Place the branch in a container filled with sand, drape pretty fairy lights over it and enjoy the soft, restful effect. Make your DIY

Branch out

Keep children happy by decorating a Christmas tree with lollipops. Simply attach three crossbeams to a long piece of wood, tie a ribbon to each lollipop and hang them over the ‘branches’. We planted our tree in a tin bucket filled with sand.

Twinkle, twinkle little star

If you’re planning an outdoor Christmas dinner, why not string fairy lights – as we did along this bamboo roof structure – to add to the sense of occasion. All you then need do is invite your family and friends to dress up and make a night of it. Fairy lights can be bought at most homeware stores

Go green

Here’s a clever idea for an easy and inexpensive gift your green-fingered friends will appreciate. What we did: painted a coffee in white, planted a succulent, then added a homemade beaded handle and bow for that extra wow effect. Your friends – and the environment – will thank you.

An apple a day…

If you find you’re running low on Christmas decorations, just add apples. With a color palette of pink, yellow, red and green, they’ll fit in perfectly. Add a few meters of ribbon and a crystal or two and hang them on the tree. It’s as easy as that. Best of all, you can eat the apples after Christmas day or make an apple tart later.


Make your guests feel extra special: instead of decorative crackers on their plates, present them with a gift in a little gift box. The keepsake will have them talking and they’ll remember the Christmas day spent with loved ones for a long time after the last sip of champagne has been had.